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Online Ajax Tutorials – A New Approach to Learning to Create a Benchmark

It is the next generation web programming through Ajax. Web programmers are grabbing this opportunity to move from what is usually the case of the standard or classical technology used for web pages and introduce a new way for the server, browser and webpage to work simultaneously through Ajax. Ajax stands for Asynchronous JavaScript and…

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ASP.NET: ValidationSummary For A CreateUserWizard Control

ASP.NET provides a control that uses the Membership API to create users on the fly via the CreateUserWizard control. The only drawback with this control is that you cannot include any other details like first name, last name, address and others. You would have to place all other details as a separate page, called a…

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ASP.NET: Get Access Of Control Within A CreateUserWizard

Getting access to a control from within c# is straightforward. You just call the ID name and call the method or property that you want to use. If you are going to get access to a control from within a CreateUserWizard control and your code may look something like you call the Label control by…

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