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php | architect PHP & AJAX presentation

Marco Tabini of php | architect has posted a recording of Joshua Eichorn’s Building Dynamic Applications with PHP And AJAX. This is provided in a two part series of flash recordings of the talks (complete with live chat transcripts).

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AJAX: what’s a session?

As I mentioned here, my concern about the buzz surrounding AJAX is not what’s being said but what isn’t being said. One question I’ve got nagging me, which I’ve yet to see serious discussion of, is the that of AJAX and sessions / state. I guess either no one is thinking about it or it’s…

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A Grumpier Ajaxian

Figured I’d jump in on this blog, as I’ve got itches to scratch. I’m the author of JPSpan, a toolkit for hooking up PHP and Javascript via XMLHttpRequest. The ideas behind JPSpan were originally conceived back in April 2004, as blogged here and the first release announced in September 2004, albeit under a different name….

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A Simpler Ajax Path?

Matthew Eernisse has posted a tutorial titled A Simpler Ajax Path over at While the article is a great resource for people brand new to “Ajax” or the XmlHttpRequest object + server-side magic, I don’t think it’ll be especially useful for building large-scale Ajax applications with tight server-side integration. I honestly haven’t played too…

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Jason Kottke has ajaxified his weblog. Kottke sez: If you take a look at the front page of, you’ll notice a pulldown at the top of the content column (on the left). When you mouse over the menu, you’re presented with a list of choices of what to display in that column and when…

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Free (as in beer) php/ajax presentation

Looks like Joshua Eichorn of ‘There and Back Again’ is giving an encore presentation of his recent PHP/Ajax presentation he did for AzPHP. Or, in his own words: I’ll be presenting an updated version of the presentation I gave last night at AzPHP as a free webcast for php|architect on May 26th. The major change…

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PHP on Rails – Cake

Cake has been making the rounds on the last week or so… But if you’ve missed it, are a PHP developer, and are having a little Ruby on Rails, Cake is definitely worth a look.

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Sajax 0.11 pre-release

Tlack, the man behind the curtain for Sajax, put out a new version last week for testing purposes. There are a few new features and other assorted announcements to go with it, but the one that caught my eye was the ability to return arbitrary variable types (in PHP): arrays, objects, ints, floats, and strings….

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XAB Toolkit – A New Ajax Toolkit using Mozilla, SOAP, PHP and MySQL

The XAB toolkit allows developers to build robust applications with Mozilla, SOAP, PHP and MYSQL. It is free software and released under the GNU GPL. Zachary Kessin writes: I have built a toolkit for building Ajax applications. I created the XAB toolkit with the goal of automating as much as posible of the building of…

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Mixing Get and Post

A quick blurb about using get and post in the same page of sajax.

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