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Lace – AJAX Chat

AJAX is getting popular, so is the database of cool PHP scripts. Recently I had written about a simple stat checker and a completely AJAXed CMS & AJAXpress Blog. Lace is yet another AJAX Chat PHP script but with few good features. Unlike Meebo, Lace is PHP script for running a simple chat on your…

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AjaxTags : AJAX Tag Library

AjaxTagsHave a look at, it shows few nice examples for basic ajac development. (.jsp) The AJAX Tag Library is a set of JSP tags that simplify the use of Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX) technology in JavaServer Pages. AJAX is primarily rooted in JavaScript. However, many server-side developers do not have an extensive knowledge…

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SVG Terminal for Firefox Released

SVG Terminal, was released on 21`st. SVG terminal is a Javascript module for Firefox 1.5 that enables apps to deliver rich views on network screens” The SVG Terminal package includes a simple demonstration app, and source licensed under the GPL. The demo app has only been tested on Windows to date, but should compile on…

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Ajax Framework Roundup for ASP.Net / C#

If you’re an ASP.Net / C# coder, Daniel Z. has rounded up a nice summary and spreadsheet comparing the various Ajax frmaeworks for ASP.Net, including: ComfortASP.NET V0.45 (beta) MagicAJAX.NET V0.2.2 ZumiPage V2.02 ATLAS CTP December 2005 …and more. Link: ASP.Net Ajax Framework Comparison

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Ajax without the X? – Good article about combining a generic Javascript new script engine with some PHP to deliver simple AJAX interactions

If you’ve wrestled with the whole XMLHttpRequest part of AJAX you should read this article. It clearly explains the technique of appending a new Javascript SCRIPT tag into the body and using the results to display new or updated content. But there is one problem with most of the current implementations of Ajax: it has…

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I can’t wait to try this library out to see if it really does work to enable back and forward button support. Don’t be afraid to read all 6 pages of this excellent article and then download the example code and libraries. This article presents an open source JavaScript library that finally brings bookmarking and…

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Build an AJAX application in php in minutes with symfony

Build an AJAX application in php in minutes with symfony Easy Ajax in symfony Overview Symfony has Ajax helpers that make programming an elaborate interface a piece of cake. This tutorial will show you step-by-step how to create an Ajax-powered symfony application in minutes. This PHP framework presents a nice screencast demonstrating how easy it…

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jsquery – AJAX JavaScript ResultSet with securable JDBC server side component

This is a very FAST AJAX implementation using server generated javascript and eval() as opposed to XML. Site includes full source code distribution with working examples. An implementation of an AJAX JavaScript data generation server, http client, and client result set Uses a JavaScript http client to dynamically map the results of data requests…

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Ajaxifying Your Struts Web App

Here’s one for the Java crowd, which seems to be increasingly adding support (via libraries and frameworks) for Ajax in java-based web apps. Paul Brownse of has an extensive tutorial on ajaxifying your struts app: AJAX is the latest revolution in web development circles, allowing rich dynamic interfaces deployed within a normal web browser….

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Tiny Tiny RSS – Another online Ajax RSS feed reader – GPL

Similar in some ways to (see our recent review of Orangoo here), Tiny Tiny RSS is a sweet and simple RSS reader. Add keyboard-based navigation of the feeds and this is a very solid project. GPL licensed, too, so that’s pretty great. You can download the source and run it on your own server….

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