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Practical Javascript, DOM Scripting, and Ajax Projects

Practical Javascript, DOM Scripting, and Ajax Projects picks up where Beginning JavaScript with DOM Scripting and Ajax left off. Frank Zammetti’s practical guide to real-world JavaScript and Ajax will have you developing actual client-side apps in no time. As more of a hacker than a theoretician, this kind of guide appeals to me. Usually when…

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Beginning JavaScript with DOM Scripting and Ajax

Beginning JavaScript with DOM Scripting and Ajax will take you from knowing absolutely nothing about JavaScript to being able to manipulate the DOM, build basic Ajax applications and more. Most of us who have been building websites since the pre-Ajax days learned JavaScript through a mish-mash of one-off scripts, validations, etc. If a book like…

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Review: Beginning Ajax with PHP

Beginning Ajax with PHP (by Lee Babin) is a good introduction to learning JavaScript client-server techniques on the PHP platform. Some of the scenarios Lee walks you through: * Sexy client-side Calendars (that can be built / communicate with the server) * Auto-completion (a la GMail’s compose recipient, etc) * Form validation (that leverages Ajax)…

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Apologies for the Recent Blogspam Attack

So, many of you who checked your feed reader or visited Ajax Blog in the past 3-4 days may have seen a spammy looking post for ‘WORK AT HOME’ or some such nonsense. This was one of our “writers” who signed up and tried posting those free ezine articles to our Niner Niner blogs and…

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A fun little site to help un-table your websites. Of course, this doesn’t apply to sites that display tabular data. (CSS nazis can tend to go overboard at times, and forget tables are not 100% bad when used appropriately.)

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eBusiness App’s EBA Grid v3.1 Screencast

eBusiness Applications Ltd. has launched EBA Grid v3.1. It’s a cross-browser Ajax data grid component capable of displaying and editing tabular data in a webpage. They also have a nice screencast demoing some of the functionality, including: Copy & Paste to Excel Selection API Keyboard navigation & selection Live scrolling

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Some Random Ajax Links from around the Web

Max Kiesler – 50 AJAX Reference Websites From Around the World (in case ya missed it) CSS Renderer Ajax Edit in Place with Prototype, v0.2.0 Joe’s Goals – pretty nifty goal-tracking site that uses lots of ajax. Imagery – ajax-based interface to Google Image Search. Lightbox JS – simple, unobtrusive script used to overlay images…

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Developing Ajax in Java Webinar

Dave Johnson, CTO and co-founder of eBusiness Applications, will be giving a Webinar on Ajax in Java on June 14th @ 2pm EDT (11am PDT). More details can be had at this url as well as below: Implementing AJAX with Java When: June 14, 2006 – 2:00pm EDT, 11:00am PDT Presenter: Dave Johnson, CTO and…

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Top 8 Reasons Why Google will Pwn Microsoft in the Web-based Office Wars

vs. I was skeptical Google could one day topple the mighty monopolist in Redmond in the Office market (web-based or otherwise), but recent developments have changed my mind. Will Microsoft still be around in 20 years as a desktop-app publishing empire, or will they be overshadowed by kingmaker Google and its hundreds of millions of…

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Ajax Blog Story Suggestions

Hey all – we are now approaching 2,000 RSS subscribers here at Ajax Blog. Of course, we can always do better. If you have a suggestion for an interesting article on ajax development, or a hot new ‘web 2.0’, ajax-powered site, and believe it would be of interest to your fellow Ajax Blog readers, please…

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