A simple feedback of AJAX for beginners

Website script holds large importance as far as popularity and usage convenience are concerned. As an innovative web language AJAX may not be very popular as it has come quite recently as compared with other web languages which have been around for last 10 years or more. For beginners a quick feedback of AJAX can…

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Life Cycle of AJAX

A Typical Life Cycle or Process of AJAX Life cycle of AJAX is more similar to a traditional GUI than a traditional web application. It has DOM objects who acts like GUI widgets. The used script has capacity to register even listeners on DOM objects and respond accordingly after manipulating DOM. There is an important…

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AJAX: Introduction and Advantage

Basics of AJAX: AJAX is defined or termed as Asynchronous Javascript and XML. It’s a new avtar of modern day website creation. AJAX is one of the programming techniques which has primarily made popular after 2005 by Google. No doubt about it that AJAX has set innovative and new standads of programming. AJAX has enabled…

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