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Vishing: Like Any Disease a Little of the Cause Can Contribute to the Cure

If you’re only a pseudo-programmer, or even just been surfing the web ever since its waves started riding in, you know all about the kinds of Internet con games that can seduce many net novices. It’s not just that you can discern the typically poorly translated and inconsistent language used in most phishing schemes; you…

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Use Your Coding Expertise to Do Something Exciting for a Change

If you’ve made it your mission to know code, and designing interfaces, accessing data, and developing websites is what you do, you’re probably a pretty happy person. There’s likely no field of expertise in greater demand for such a foreseeable future as development. But, maybe you’re bored. Maybe this was a career that you got…

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How to Handle Bookmarks and Back Buttons in Ajax

Brad Neuberg and O’Reilly have a nice pice on handling bookmarks and back buttons in an ajax environment. They describe The Problem: Bookmarks and the back button work great for traditional, multi-page web applications. As users surf websites, their browsers’ location bars update with new URLs that can be pasted into emails or bookmarked…

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