Online Reputation Management

How many times on the Internet have you read the words: “We will not share your info with anyone else”? The more that we are involved on the Internet, the more time that passes by, our info is getting out there. And not just out there, but everywhere. We fill out cyber forms all the time, join social networks, add toolbars to our browser – all of these activities potentially could be broadcasting our personal info through a bit-sending bullhorn. Thank goodness is on the job. The good people of offer online reputation management. Your name, address, mortgage payments, kids names and your income are probably all out there for anyone to view, among other data that you had no idea was obtainable by others. Posts about you that may or may not be true on social media, a bad review of your company concerning an employee who hasn’t been with you for ten years could still be out there. Identity thieves, stalkers and scammers live for this stuff and it’s in your best interest to clear the Internet of information about you or your business. • Find exposed personal info in databases • Find existing posts about you online • Send alerts when new posts appear • Stop sites from selling your info • Remove your info from sites that sell it Stop being misjudged and stop the flow of your personal information. Clear your good name and take out the trash. Contact today.

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