css view

I think css is getting old because it has become online procedure to use it on popular websites.
For example, google uses it and their motto was fast results in seconds. With css, it would only be a false advertisement to suggest that because all google does nowadays is freeze my computer and cell phone when I’m browsing the internet. Whats good about html is that it doesn’t require certain softwares to load in a convenient manner. When it comes to web design I find that html is more customizable when it comes to the finer details. I’m aware that when designing a website with a software, such as dreamweaver that it makes it easier to go in and have it stylized with the cascading style sheet, instead of the hyper text markup language (html) coding is easier because you can add more complex feature. So, for those that don’t know the difference and are stuck in between which will work best for their website, think of css for usage of complex designing and html for precise designing. But, these complex features cause freezes, crashes, and can be just inconvenient. I always say only use css if its for a business website so that you can add video effects because it can be more appealing for professionalism. Html, although not unprofessional is just more timely to include the tags for videos. Overall, hyper text markup language (html) was the focal of web designing in the past and some people find the cascading style sheets as an upgrade. But, I think that hyper text markup language just enforces the less is more premise.

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