Never too careful

Tech savvy people know that Ajax is the wave of the future in website technology. Many websites use it, but there are many problems that you may not know about. When receiving updates they might show up some where else other than where you are expecting. Another problem that may occur is redundant coding and misplaced business logic. JavaScript wasn’t created to handle big calculations or complicated business logic. When using it for those purposes it is easy to run into problems if you’re not careful. Its also not well known that Ajax won’t work in all web browsers. It requires JavaScript to run and not all web browsers support JavaScript. This is what makes it inaccessible to some browsers. Ajax also needs xmlh request to be supported, which many browsers do not. The only solution would be to provide an alternative to Ajax which is difficult at best. Though it is the cool thing to have and seems to be taking over the web Ajax does have its problems. Then again so does most technology. I would advise to use it and any thing else with caution. You can never be to careful when it comes to the world wide web.

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