View all types of documents effectively in Ajax

Boost and optimize your experience with SharePoint and investment with a document fully completed and file viewer. Adeptol Viewer for SharePoint is an upscale fast document viewer so you can see, interpret, prepare and protect the right documents in SharePoint. No software installation is needed for the server and nothing goes on the client side either. There is no need for an ActiveX control or controls or plugins on the client side.

Search for documents in SharePoint and view them directly in the Viewer. Integration out of the box and can be used as a Web Parts or as part of a third party search form or the standard MOSS search. You can just do a quick preview of the document or document directly from the display results.

Annotation Services Document Viewer and is easy to review, comment, comment, markup and property within the viewer. Annotation with the Services module helps you improve your document review and approval process and reduce time for decision making, increase cooperation to users. You can comment, markup and collaboration of more than 200 types of documents have the right to SharePoint.

You can use your product in minutes, optimizing the value of IT assets and to obtain end-user productivity faster. Immediately apply the updates at any time and save time and money is used for testing, services, management and support of traditional domestic and visualization software.

You can send your documents safely maintain control over the material and intellectual property by keeping the set-up by Information Rights Management. Customize your player, turn on or off various options using the API simple, without compromising the security policies of the application.

AJAXDocumentViewer Provide a server-based Universal Display Viewer – Professional Edition. Professional Edition Viewer control is a flash of light weight that allows your application to display and interact with different files. It is identical to any reading program, but adds high speed viewing of documents to their applications easily. It also acts as a container for embedding documents Office documents (including Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Project, Microsoft Visio documents) in a custom form or Web page. The viewer is light and flexible, allowing developers new possibilities for using Office or other documents in the native format of a custom solution.

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