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Boost and optimize their experience with SharePoint and investment with an entire document and file viewer. Adeptol Viewer for SharePoint is a fast viewer for high-level documents to view, read, write and save documents from right within SharePoint. Do not install additional software is required on the server and nothing is going to be the client side. No need for ActiveX controls or plug-ins on the client side.

See efficiently all kind of documents at high speed without control for the download. Adeptol Viewer supporting Microsoft Office, OpenOffice, TIFF, PDF, PNG, JPEG, PSD, DICOM and many other image formats. High buffer management modules of memory enables faster document experience for users with a stream of material during the loading of large documents.

AutoCAD Viewer can work independently as a viewer for AutoCAD, TIFF and PDF can be added to Professional Edition or Enterprise Edition to work with hundreds of file types.

AutoCAD software can help you design and make the world around you powerful 2D and 3D CAD tools. But sharing these files online with others or keep control of these files is always a big problem, Adeptol AutoCAD viewer can see the AutoCAD files in high fidelity and faster without the necessary software to be downloaded the client side. What is the best user can view these files, you can set permissions using an easy to use API to disable printing or saving files, and thus maintain control over information. You can not make the document that you will only see the document, but also check printing, shipping, pan controls, and even saving the document. None of these licenses are stored in the document itself, and keep your original document as it is and if you comply with legal restrictions and compliance requirements.

Adeptol Viewer Information Right Management module lets you set permissions using the API easy to use. It not only helps protect sensitive information has been printed for end users, but also prevent users from saving documents. The addition of document control MRI can not only make the document believes that the only document, but also for weight control, navigation, surveillance, and also everything to save the document.

Specific features Adeptol technology is that its DICOM Viewer, which helps us to see the DICOM files. DICOM viewer Adeptol has led some advanced features that are absent in the other players in the industry. Adeptol DICOM Viewer is a DICOM viewer, which is dedicated to radiologists or people working with DICOM files. With the ultra-rapid, interactive and intuitive user interface, it became the ideal choice for users worldwide.

Search for documents within SharePoint and view them directly in the Viewer. The integration comes out of box and can be used as a webpart or as a part of any 3rd party search module or default MOSS search. You can simply do a quick document preview or full document viewing directly from within the results.

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