A memorandum on the development of Ajax applications

A synchronous JavaScript and XML, Ajax is commonly known as a Web development tool used to create interactive web applications. And mainly related to different technologies, each with their specialties and alive, when integrated together. Ajax and CSS standards based presentation includes XTML Document Object Model dynamic display and interaction, XML and XSLT for data exchange and processing of XML Http Request for asynchronous data retrieval, and JavaScript to keep everything together.

Although the exchange of information on a web server, using client-side script that allows independent communication with the server. the development of Ajax applications is gaining popularity day by day, because it supports most browsers.

In the classical model of Web applications, a user must wait each time you send an HTTP request to the server to process an HTML Web page to the client. In the Ajax application model, an Ajax engine is introduced between the user and the server that eliminates the need to await the response from the server. The engine is loaded each time you launched the browser each time a session. Allows asynchronous communication between the user and application. Consequently, the speed, interactivity and usability of web pages are much higher.

Using Ajax, you get small pieces of data from the server in the background and not the complete set of information.Simple processes such as data validation, editing data in memory is processed by the AJAX engine. When she needs help from the server, applications are made asynchronously, using XML. From simple to complex, Ajax applications can be any size. This is an important event that has been done in the world of web applications and its importance is growing every day.

There are many Ajax web development companies, have lent their valuable services to include Ajax. It has been used by many large companies in the world of the Internet. Many Google products like Gmail, Orkut and Google Maps are based on sophisticated Ajax. Similarly, Yahoo Maps also depends on this technology.

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