View Effectively any kind of Documents at High Speed in Ajax

Boost and maximize your SharePoint experience & investment with a fully combined document and file viewer. Adeptol Viewer for SharePoint is a high end faster document viewer allowing you to view, interpret, redact and safeguard documents right within SharePoint. No additional software installs are needed on Server and nothing goes on client side either. There are no requirements for an ActiveX or controls or plugins on client side.

View effectively any kind of documents at high speed with no controls to download. Adeptol Viewer supports Microsoft Office, Open Office, TIFFs, PDFs, PNG, JPEG, PSD, DICOM and several other image formats. The built in buffering and memory management modules allow faster document viewing experience for users with a streaming of document while loading larger documents.

AutoCAD Viewer can work independently as a viewer for AutoCAD, TIFF & PDF Files or can be added on to Professional Edition or Enterprise Edition to work with hundreds of other files types.

AutoCAD Software can help you design and draw the world around you with powerful 2D and 3D CAD tools. But sharing these files online with others or keeping control over these files, is always a big issue, Adeptol AutoCAD viewer lets you view the AutoCAD files in high fidelity and faster rates, with no software required to be downloaded at client side. What’s best is user’s can view these files, and you can specify permissions using an easy to use API to switch off Printing or Saving of files, thus still keeping control over the information. You can not only render the document as view only document, but also control printing, navigation, pan control and even saving of document. None of the permissions are stored in the document itself, keeping your original document as it is, thus complying you with legal restrictions and compliance regulations.

Adeptol Viewer’s Information Right’s Management module allows you to specify permissions using an easy to use API. It helps not only to protect the sensitive information from being printed by end users but also restricts the users from saving the documents itself. By adding an IRM control on the document you can not only render the document as view only document, but also control printing, navigation, pan control and even saving of document.

Special feature of Adeptol Technology is that of their DICOM Viewer which helps us to view the Dicom files. Adeptol’s dicom viewer has got few of the advanced features which are absent among the other industry players. Adeptol Dicom Viewer is a DICOM viewer which is dedicated to radiologists or people working with DICOM files. With it’s Ultrafast performance and intuitive interactive user interface, it has become the ideal choice for users across the world.

Search for documents within SharePoint and view them directly in the Viewer. The integration comes out of box and can be used as a webpart or as a part of any 3rd party search module or default MOSS search. You can simply do a quick document preview or full document viewing directly from within the results.

Annotation Services works with Document Viewer and allows easy review, commenting, annotation and markup capabilities right within the viewer. With Annotation Services modules help streamline the document review & approval process and reduce decision making time with increased collaboration for your users. You can annotate, markup & collaborate on more than 200 document types right within SharePoint.

You can deploy with your products in minutes, optimizing the value of IT resources and getting end users productive faster. Instantly apply updates at any time and save money and time spent on testing, provisioning, managing and supporting traditional & native viewing software’s.

You can Securely Deliver Your Documents maintain control over documents and intellectual property by keeping them secure using the built-in Information Rights Management. Personalize your viewer, enable or disable various options using the simple API without jeopardizing the security policies of your application.

AJAXDocumentViewer Provide a Universal Viewing Solution with Server Based Viewer – Professional Edition. Professional Edition Viewer is a light weight flash control which enables your application to display and interact with different files. It is identical to any reader program, but adds high speed viewing of documents to your applications easily. It also acts as a document container for embedding Office documents (including Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Project, and Microsoft Visio documents) in a custom form or Web page. The viewer is lightweight and flexible, and gives developers new possibilities for using Office or other native format documents in a custom solution.

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  1. Shakeel Ahmad
    July 17, 2010 | 10:39 pm

    Word, tiff, jpeg, pdf etc, are common file formats. I want a software which can open prc, pdb and other such formats. In addition ot that recently I have received a few documents about which windows tells me that they are ‘File’ . Now what is this format ‘File’ and how be this opened?