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Remote Programmer is a quality web development company from India. Remote Programmer is specialized in PHP, MySQL, AJAX, .NET, SQL Server. Remote Programmer has been providing web based solutions since 2000 in different database oriented web technologies. It is also important to mention we maintain the required grammar/steps of web-software development to help the future maintenance/up gradation easy and manageable.

Architecture based: clear separation of application, business and display logic ;
Organized, convention maintained, non-redundant coding ;
Proper SDLC maintained ;
Easy future module addition ;
100% SEO friendly development ;
Integrated CMS & SEO module;

Remote Programmer Services:

Web application development
Basic website solutions
Corporate solutions
CMS solutions
E-commerce solutions
Ready web stores
Custom development
Ready to use web applications
Solutions using free softwares
Os-Commerce projects
.NET Nuke projects
Web business consultancy
Website re-engineering

Major achievement:
Changed sales figure from £4K to £24K per month with our 4 years effort of development, re-engineering, SEO, affiliate etc for a large legal website operating in multiple countries.

Since 2000, Remote Programmer has delivered quality, customized websites and web solutions (PHP/AJAX/MYSQL, PHP/MYSQL, .NET/SQLSERVER) to clients across the world.

Hire PHP Developer – Features:

At least 8 hours a day, 5 days a week of development work.
Favorable development environment.
Timely communication.
Reporting as per your need.
Simplistic coding.
Documents written in English.
Strict timing.
International level infrastructure.

PHP, AJAX, MySQL programming:

AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML), or Ajax, is a group of inter-related web development techniques used for creating interactive web applications. A primary characteristic is the increased responsiveness and interactivity of web pages achieved by exchanging small amounts of data with the server “behind the scenes” so that the entire web page does not have to be reloaded each time the user performs an action.

Remote Programmer has developed and delivered many dynamic web applications using AJAX technology to its offshore clients..

Php-AJAX developers of Remote Programmer has great experience and proficiency in AJAX programming and deliver any level of customization in AJAX as per client’s requirements.

Php-AJAX programmers of Remote Programmer can also develop Rich Internet Applications and web 2.0 based applications in order to make your website more efficient, faster and user friendly.

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