Life Cycle of AJAX

A Typical Life Cycle or Process of AJAX

Life cycle of AJAX is more similar to a traditional GUI than a traditional web application. It has DOM objects who acts like GUI widgets. The used script has capacity to register even listeners on DOM objects and respond accordingly after manipulating DOM.

There is an important part of the event-processing cycle in server is evoked sometimes. As the server calls are asynchronous, the even listening and event responding are done separately.

The normal AJAX life cycle consists of following stages:

1. The webpage is visited by internet users simply by clicking the targetted link or searching an URL. Thereafter the page gets initialised and loaded. In order to handle the user input callbacks are present in the system which acts after this.
2. When a key is pressed it’s called an event which is a query or click in common words. On such events browser sends the information request to the server which in turn responds to give back required information as bites.
3. The response of the server is translated through callback process to made viewable to the user.
4. The callback function then updates the DOM objects and javascript variables if present.
5. Generally the process of requesting information and giving callbacks are free to server to increase convenience and speed.
6. Some AJAX applications are short term and terminated once the request is completed.

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  1. Lars
    February 3, 2009 | 11:23 am

    nice overview of the lifecycle thx!