AJAX: Introduction and Advantage

Basics of AJAX:

AJAX is defined or termed as Asynchronous Javascript and XML. It’s a new avtar of modern day website creation. AJAX is one of the programming techniques which has primarily made popular after 2005 by Google. No doubt about it that AJAX has set innovative and new standads of programming. AJAX has enabled webmasters create better, faster and more user-friendly web applications with its base of Javascript and HTTP.

AJAX is based on 4 web standards which are well defined and supported by all major browsers.

1. JavaScript
2. XML
4. CSS

Basic Advantage of AJAX

Faster Updation: If you want to update the data base of your web AJAX provides an unique feature to reduce consumption of time. Unlike other web languages where you need to update the entire data base every time you need to update the contents, however with AJAX you need to spend time only on updation of the contents which actually requires to be done so. AJAX selects the contents from the web which needs updation giving eage to the process.

Faster Response: AJAX enables faster responses to the inputs even if the changes are not done on server. The unique advantage of AJAX is its ability to reload the individual pages separately giving a user friendly benefit and users may perceive the site functioning faster.

Faster Connection: With AJAX it’s not required to connect the webpage with server every time. Some times it saves the interaction between them to increase functionality and speed. It allows webpage to request for smaller bits of information rather than asking for the entire page to load again and again which increases speed as well. AJAX is a technology related to browser which is independent of web server.

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