Creativity and originality are two most precious things because these qualities distinguish a genius from ordinary mortals.Looking at the falling apple Newton thought why it did not go up.This critical thinking is the original way of looking at an ordinary day today
happening.Einstein’s Theory of relativity and his equation E=MC are the greatest instances of creative thinking and originality.Thus Creativity and originality consists in novel way of looking at things.Creativity and originality are not restricted to a particular area of human activity.Shall we consider Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dali lesser mortals than Einstein and Newton? Certainly not because what the creativity displayed by Dali and Picasso in the area of Fine Arts was by no means of less intensity than the creativity displayed by Einstein and Newton in the field of science.In other words whatever excellence was achieved by Einstein and Newton in the field of science the same degree of excellence was achieved by Dali and Picasso in the field of fine arts.Other important faculty of a genius is insight.Ordinary mortals have lot of information but no insight.Dr Louis Pasteure’s invention of anti-rabies vaccine(a viral vaccine) at atime when electronic microscope was not discovered is the rarest rare instance of insight.Insight,creativity and originality can be achieved by perseverance and constant practice.The first and foremost requirement of for acquiring creativity and insight is never borrow ideas and be an original thinker.Never act blindly on other people’s advise but take all important decisions on your own using your own brain.

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