AIM 6.5

I love using instant messaging programs because they provide me with an always on instant access. Instead of playing email or phone tag, I can easily get in touch with my friends or co-workers. There have been too many times that I missed a vital phone call or email. Since I am consistently at my computer throughout the day, I can receive an instant notification of any incoming messages.

Usually, I try to stay away from AIM products because previously I was never satisfied with them. However, I decided to give AIM 6.5 a try. Family members and friends have advised me of its user friendly interface and great customizable features. With the latest upgrade, AIM 6.5 has definitely raised the bar. This instant messaging client offers numerous security fixes, social networking features, and more media rich profile features.

One of my favorite features in AIM 6.5 is the tunes plug in. Not only can I listen to some of my favorite tunes, but I can also listen to songs that my friends are listening to as well. I also thoroughly enjoy moving from text messaging to IM status when communicating with friends and family members. This is an extremely handy feature when I am occasionally away from my computer. All instant messages can be sent to my registered mobile phone. Anyone that has stayed away from AIM because of security compromises and lack of features will quickly change their mind with this latest release of software. AIM 6.5 is a terrific IM client that will enhance your instant messaging world.

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