Ajax+REST=the next killer app?

On the frevvo blog, I posted several interesting articles about combining Ajax-based RIAs (Rich Internet Applications) with REST web services. It seems to me that Ajax+REST could be the next killer application.

Users interact with these RESTful applications using the familiar browser. In practice, most real applications boil down to manipulating documents (resources) which maps perfectly to REST. What’s missing is an easy way to interact with these documents using Rich Internet Applications (RIAs). That’s where Ajax comes in – it puts a “face” on REST and makes it possible to create complex, visual, browser-based applications without compromising any of the principles of REST.

Just imagine replicating the mashup phenomenon within your company – even just within the IT department. That’s where frevvo comes in. Suddenly, it’s really easy to create a Web 2.0, Ajax-based RIA that mashes up all these RESTful services and to do so at lightning speed and very low cost. REST web applications can finally be paired up with a rich, Ajax-based client to create Rich Internet Applications.

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  1. Ajax+REST=the next killer app?
    November 27, 2007 | 12:59 am

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