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Endless Pageless: No More Next Page

Twelve years after the debut of search engines, we have Google representing the current best-of-breed index of web pages. It is faster, smarter, and it has raised the bar for web usability several times over. And yet, we are still paging through search results ten or twenty records at a time. Unfortunately, this style of…

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A fun little site to help un-table your websites. Of course, this doesn’t apply to sites that display tabular data. (CSS nazis can tend to go overboard at times, and forget tables are not 100% bad when used appropriately.)

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Huge list of Ajax tutorials

Just found this list of 126 Ajax Tutorials over the weekend — here’s a sampling: Ajax Workshop 3: Shopping Cart using at AjaxLessons Building an AJAX-Based Chat: The Barebones Structure at DevArticles Dynamically loaded articles at DHTMLGoodies Slide Show with Controls at Zapatec Ajax for Java developers: Build dynamic Java applications at IBM Create…

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