eBusiness App’s EBA Grid v3.1 Screencast

eBusiness Applications Ltd. has launched EBA Grid v3.1. It’s a cross-browser Ajax data grid component capable of displaying and editing tabular data in a webpage.

EBA Grid Screencast

They also have a nice screencast demoing some of the functionality, including:

  • Copy & Paste to Excel
  • Selection API
  • Keyboard navigation & selection
  • Live scrolling
One Response to eBusiness App’s EBA Grid v3.1 Screencast
  1. mefisto
    August 12, 2006 | 12:35 pm

    Usefull stuff .. but
    * sad to see that ‘cross-browsers’ in their minds means ‘only ie and ff’.
    * its totally ‘not-free’ product

    I’ll better stick tu OpenRico’s LiveGrid.