CrazzyEgg : Clicks Monitoring

Crazzyegg, is one of the most interesting Web 2.0 applications I have ever seen. To say, it is a simply a click stats monitoring service but an inteligent one. The good folks at crazzyegg let me have an account for their (Beta) service.
Unlike other stats monitoring service, Crazzyegg gives an clear idea of the most sensitive part of a monitored page per session. Each session can be of upto 1,00,000 clicks and 13 days. When we open a specific session the monitored page is shown with few crazzyegg tools and options.
I very much like the Heatmap view of a page, It is like looking at a geographical map of our webpage :) .

  • The heatmap shows area of total clicks, the higher the click are is more red. Apart from the Heatmap view the dashboard has the overlay and list view.
  • Over lay is shown shows coloured blocks, the colours of the boxes changes per increase in clicks. This is the dashboard view of the actual page, Sreejith.NET .
  • In List view, a simple list of total clicks is shown.

Through our simple tool, content providers have access to user input, and can use this information to tweak aspects of a web page, test the results, and then tweak again based on the user information they continually receive from Crazy Egg.

Using this ongoing optimization process, combined with A/B testing of similar pages, the insight provided by the Crazy Egg tool is the key component to helping you improve how your site works for you and your visitors.

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  1. Wingi's nützliche und sinnfreie News
    March 20, 2006 | 3:45 am

    für Webdeveloper: Clickmaps

    Wundgescheuterte WebsiteWohin die Besucher einer Webseite klicken ist für jeden Webdesigner und dessen Vermarkter wirklich interessant. Dazu gibt es eine wirklich interessante AJAX-Software, welche solche Heatmaps erstellt!

    Gefunden im AJAX-Blog.