SVG Terminal for Firefox Released

SVG Terminal, was released on 21`st. SVG terminal is a Javascript module for Firefox 1.5 that enables apps to deliver rich views on network screens

The SVG Terminal package includes a simple demonstration app, and source licensed under the GPL. The demo app has only been tested on Windows to date, but should compile on Linux & MacOS X with minor changes. The javascript code requires Firefox 1.5. Future releases will provide text wrapping and highlighting, and soon airWRX will show off the real power of the SVG Terminal.

Though it comes in AJAX category the codes are different in few ways: The UI is described entirely in SVG, instead of HTML. Almost no input processing is done by the browser. The browser maintains a connection to the server, rather than performing discrete XML-HTTP transactions.

Availble Right now for Firefox 1.5 on Windows : Download

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