Spongecell – Ajax Calender

Spongecell calendar the easiest online planning tool for friends to share

Built on the Ruby on Rails platform, SpongeCell is a very usefull Ajax calendar. According to the press release, The new Spongecell online calendar (Innovation Partners’ patent pending) features revolutionary ease of use for social networks – individual and groups – to plan an online calendar.Spongecell has set out to make calendars easy to use. It’s simple to create a new appointment, change the time of an appointment, invite your friends or get a reminder on your cell phone.

Features & Notes :

  • See your calendar from your cell phone! Try sending a text message to sponge@spongecell.com that just says “Today” or “Tomorrow”.
  • Make new appointments with simple phrases. Now you don’t have to hunt your way to the right day, pick the time from a drop down and go through screen after screen just to create a new appointment. Just type “S” and enter your appointment or send it to sponge@spongecell.com from your email client or as a text-email from your phone.
  • Click and Drag to create a new appointment. When you want to make a new appointment, just click and drag on the calendar – the new window that pops up will have the correct time automatically filled out. You can also move existing appointments by clicking and dragging.
  • Add Friends. Click the Add Friends link below the Calendars window. You and your friends will be sharing events in no time. (you can also stalk your ex.)
  • Navigate with your keyboard. Use T to jump to today, and use the arrow keys to navigate.
  • Publish your calendar. You can publish your calendar via iCalendar, RSS or the web. Click Publish at the bottom of your calendar for more information.

They are having an open launch party on Wednesday, February 1, 2006 in San Francisco. :)

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