Blockrocker – google maps mash up for classifeds

Blockrocker is the best example to show use of Google Maps. Blockrocker is a classified site, while registering itself Google Maps is shown where one can choose the current location, and then procede with the registration.

Rod Edwards –

AJAX is obviously used to populate the main page, based on map manipulations, the search criteria underneath, and the “order by” and “show results” boxes. Its one function called by all of the different controls and gmap listeners; still some optimization that needs to be done in how it works to keep improving responsiveness.
At present, AJAX is only used for this primary search navigation; but that’s a third of the functionality on the site (search/view/add).

I will be adding more ajax functionality to the “create a classified” (add) side of things. Everything from dhtml previews to ajax-powered “add a category” features will be added over the holidays, with any luck.

I’m also debating ways to incorporate “add a classified” functionality into the search results, but my primary goal is to keep a streamlined user experience, which may yet mean keeping functionality silo’d. We’ll see as I keep experimenting and getting feedback.

So – that’s it in a nutshell. Any suggestions? Anything leap out at you as an obvious opportunity to incorporate further ajax elements?

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