Ajax Browser in a Browser – Gollum


This is a neat “browser in a browser” Ajax application. It makes Wikipedia beautiful, simple and lovely, almost more like an OS X dashboard widget application than the gigantically time-sucking wonderful website that it is. Beautiful.

Neat use of forward / back, nicely designed. As nice as this is, I don’t think I’ll be switching from using Google to find articles in Wikipedia anytime soon. But this is a really really neat and clean way of searching it.

It would also be neat if it could be pointed at other data sources / web sites than just Wikipedia.

By the way, the tranlsation editor seems like a great way to do that. Instant translation of the strings…

Gollum is GPL, and it looks like the source code will be available soon.

Gollum is based on PHP and Javascript using XMLHttp request for communication, better known as Ajax. That means, there is no need for databases and the code is ready for PHP5. Therefore, the client is only required to use a browser like Firefox, MS Internet Explorer, Netscape or Safari with activated Javascript. Safari has yet to be tested.

Visit Gollum: Gollum, the Wikipedia Browser

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