ONJava.com: AJAX: How to Handle Bookmarks and Back Buttons

I can’t wait to try this library out to see if it really does work to enable back and forward button support. Don’t be afraid to read all 6 pages of this excellent article and then download the example code and libraries.

This article presents an open source JavaScript library that finally brings bookmarking and back button support to AJAX applications. By the end of this tutorial, developers will have a solution to an AJAX problem that not even Google Maps or Gmail possesses: robust, usable bookmarking and back and forward behavior that works exactly like the rest of the Web.

“AJAX: How to Handle Bookmarks and Back Buttons” explains the significant issues that AJAX applications currently face with bookmarks and the back button; presents the Really Simple History library, an open source framework that solves these problems; and provides several working examples.

The principal discoveries of the framework presented in this article are twofold. First, a hidden HTML form is used to allow for a large transient session cache of client-side information; this cache is robust against navigation to and away from the page. Second, a combination of hyperlink anchors and hidden iframes is used to intercept and record browser history events, tying into the back and forward buttons. Both techniques are wrapped with a simple JavaScript library to ease development.

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