Delving into Ajax …

Now and then, I still get client requests back into the world of web design and programming. I’m currently working in the field as an archaeologist, but I used to run my own web business. Turns out, a client has started asking me questions about Ajax … Where to begin? I’m definitely “old school” in the world of web development.

So I figure, as I learn this new spectrum I’ll share with you here my findings. Best way to learn and grow the new skillsets. Any comments or suggestions are very appreciated.

What is Ajax? From my first understandings … its a web development technique for creating interactive web applications combining together XHTML and CSS, Document Object Model manipulated by JavaScript, and the XMLHttpRequest object to exchange data asynchronously with the web server.

Wow, that’s a mouthful.

So basically:

“Traditional web applications essentially submit forms, completed by a user, to a web server. The web server responds by sending a new web page back. Because the server must submit a new page each time, applications run more slowly and awkwardly than their native counterparts.

Ajax applications, on the other hand, can send requests to the web server to retrieve only the data that is needed, usually using SOAP or some other XML-based web services dialect. On the client, JavaScript processes the web server response. The result is a more responsive interface, since the amount of data interchanged between the web browser and web server is vastly reduced. Web server processing time is also saved, since much of it is done on the client.”
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One Response to Delving into Ajax …
  1. Carl
    February 28, 2006 | 3:32 am

    I’m wondering how I go about learning how to build a web site using AJAX techniques, I’m a newbie to using DOM and javascript. I like the idea of sharing stories of how went through our respective learning curves! Thanks for the inspiration!