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Ajax Domain & whois search

Enter the domain desired , and results appear instantly as you type . Links to domain registrars appear if the domain is still available and If the domain is not available there are links to the whois registration information. Instant Domain Search is a great, simple Ajax tool for finding available .com and .net domain…

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Ajax Browser in a Browser – Gollum

This is a neat “browser in a browser” Ajax application. It makes Wikipedia beautiful, simple and lovely, almost more like an OS X dashboard widget application than the gigantically time-sucking wonderful website that it is. Beautiful. Neat use of forward / back, nicely designed. As nice as this is, I don’t think I’ll be switching…

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Ajax without the X? – Good article about combining a generic Javascript new script engine with some PHP to deliver simple AJAX interactions

If you’ve wrestled with the whole XMLHttpRequest part of AJAX you should read this article. It clearly explains the technique of appending a new Javascript SCRIPT tag into the body and using the results to display new or updated content. But there is one problem with most of the current implementations of Ajax: it has…

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I can’t wait to try this library out to see if it really does work to enable back and forward button support. Don’t be afraid to read all 6 pages of this excellent article and then download the example code and libraries. This article presents an open source JavaScript library that finally brings bookmarking and…

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Simple and clear example of how to create a MySQL connection with PHP/AJAX

This is a good and simple example of doing one very clear action — sending a command to open a MySQL database connection through the AJAX transport layer. It includes downloadable code examples as well to get you started. Filed under, “Roll-your-own-Ajax” department. In this tutorial I will explain how to open a mysql database…

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AJAX Whitepaper – Issues when working with AJAX (Mercurytide)

This is a good and fairly thorough introduction to the world of AJAX programming, cleanly and simply laid out with clear examples of each piece of an AJAX transaction. Worth a read both for new and experienced coders who need to refresh their understanding of this whole squiggley octopus mess that we call AJAX. This…

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RSS updates via your instant messenger

I thought this new web application might be of interest to AJAX Blog readers. It only uses AJAX sparingly but it is written using Rails and offers a unique capability that may be useful to some: the ability to recieve update notices in any instant messaging client when an RSS feed of interest changes….

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Holy Grail of PHP?

It was nice to see a very basic overview (with code examples) finally of how you actually implement Ajax in PHP in an end-to-end system. PEAR’s DB_DataObject is a bit like Ruby on Rails’ ActiveRecord, though DB_DataObject has more of a code generation flavor than Object-Relational Mapping.

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Delving into Ajax …

Now and then, I still get client requests back into the world of web design and programming. I’m currently working in the field as an archaeologist, but I used to run my own web business. Turns out, a client has started asking me questions about Ajax … Where to begin? I’m definitely “old school” in…

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If you subscribe to any tags such as ajax or gtd, you may find this useful: filtered – “Seeing a link once should be enough.” It uses builds you a customized URL with your own ID, and filters out the dupes!

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