Ajaxifying Your Struts Web App

Here’s one for the Java crowd, which seems to be increasingly adding support (via libraries and frameworks) for Ajax in java-based web apps.

Paul Brownse of java.net has an extensive tutorial on ajaxifying your struts app:

AJAX is the latest revolution in web development circles, allowing rich dynamic interfaces deployed within a normal web browser. Struts has been one of the de facto standards for Java-Web development for a number of years, with a large number of applications already deployed. This article will show you how to combine the richness of an AJAX user interface with your existing Struts applications.

Here’s a flamewar starter poll: Which web programming platform / language has the best support for Ajax? :)

4 Responses to Ajaxifying Your Struts Web App
  1. Dan
    June 5, 2006 | 12:16 am

    Do you like this pages? I too :))


    Best Regards, Dan

  2. raju
    March 31, 2006 | 7:09 am

    need ajax documentation

  3. raju
    March 31, 2006 | 7:09 am


  4. raju
    March 31, 2006 | 7:09 am

    required ajax documentations