TIBCO’s AJAX Accelerator Program

At the JavaOne Conference in San Francisco, TIBCO announced the AJAX Accelerator Program.

Developers who register for the program at www.tibco.com/mk/2005/gi.jsp will receive priority access to the next release of TIBCO General Interface, version 3.0, prior to its general availability later in the year. In addition, developers will benefit from invitations to exclusive briefings, educational seminars and developer community events with AJAX experts.

Available today in version 2.4, TIBCO General Interface gives browser-based applications the features and performance characteristics found in thick-client GUIs. Leveraging the asynchronous communications, javascript, and XML (“AJAX”) capabilities present in common Web browsers, TIBCO General Interface allows developers to easily deploy rich Internet applications without dependency on applets, plug-ins or installation of client/server frameworks. Using TIBCO General Interface’s breakthrough development tools — also built using TIBCO General Interface — developers can rapidly create powerful solutions with drag and drop speed.

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