Things To _Not_ Do With Your Ajax Foo

Alex Bosworth of has recently posted a list 10 common ajax mistakes. It’s a well thought out set (albeit some are more corner cases than others) of usability issues to keep an eye on as your building your next ajax app.
A big part of of ajax’s alure is the increased usability you can craft with it. But this is all for nought if your new-fangled interface doesn’t give the user visual cues as to whats going on, or if you take each new page as an opportunity to reinvent standard UI elements.

Ajax is an awesome technology that is driving a new generation of web apps, from to to But Ajax is also a dangerous technology for web developers, its power introduces a huge amount of UI problems as well as server side state problems and server load problems.

Link to a backpackit version (contact him and you can add your own to this version)

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