Ajax Bloggers Wanted!

We’ve just reached our 100th RSS subscriber here at Ajax Blog!

Unfortunately, the few contributors to this site get busy every once in a while (work, side-projects, star wars, etc, etc).

So, we’re looking for one or two additional Ajax Bloggers who can post interesting material (links, articles, resources, etc) on Ajax!

As an Ajax Blog contributor, you’ll reach an ever-growing audience of web professionals interested in developing & delivering rich web experiences.

It only takes 5 minutes to signup and begin blogging for Ajax Blog, too! Just head on over to NinerNiner.com, then hit the Signup page.

The beta password is: niner

Shhhhh! It’s such a difficult password to guess, please don’t tell anyone or we’ll be mobbed! :)

If you have any questions about writing for Niner Niner, shoot me an email at: shantibraford @ gmail

Have a great Star Wars weekend, if you’re into that sort-of geeky thing! :)

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