A Simpler Ajax Path?

Matthew Eernisse has posted a tutorial titled A Simpler Ajax Path over at OnLamp.com.

While the article is a great resource for people brand new to “Ajax” or the XmlHttpRequest object + server-side magic, I don’t think it’ll be especially useful for building large-scale Ajax applications with tight server-side integration.

I honestly haven’t played too much with Ruby on Rails + Ajax, but from everything I hear, the integration is mindblowing.

David HH on Ajaxing the Rails:

It’s basically no harder to make something Ajaxed than it is not to, which means that the decision is based on whether its a good fit for the user interface — not on whether we have time to another Ajax project.

PHP has some good Ajax frameworks as well, though nothing as earthshatteringly simple as Rails + Ajax … at least for the time being.

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