Ajaxian UI/Accessibility Issues

Ajaxian blog on UI/Accessibility issues and ajax:

We were just talking to a UI/information architect, who was complaining about handling users who have JavaScript turned off, and how Ajax has a barrier, in that he can’t get budget to “write the application twice”.

The problem with “working without JavaScript turned on” is interesting.

However, these days I think that this problem is basically gone. Gone are the days of people turning off JavaScript. Do you know of anyone who doesn’t have it turned on?

Some people definitely surf with JavaScript turned off, but I think these people are a small minority.

Most people just use the browser defaults, however unsafe that may be.

Interesting comment on there as well:

… fresh on the heels of Mozilla announcing that, due to security problems, people using Firefox should turn off javascript.

Is the almighty Firefox not even safe from JavaScript ‘sploits?!?!

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