Free (as in beer) php/ajax presentation

Looks like Joshua Eichorn of ‘There and Back Again’ is giving an encore presentation of his recent PHP/Ajax presentation he did for AzPHP. Or, in his own words:

I’ll be presenting an updated version of the presentation I gave last night at AzPHP as a free webcast for php|architect on May 26th. The major change will be a new technical introduction centered around getting you started with JPSpan and building a simple widget.

The live talk will begin at 1:00 PM EST (10 AM PST, 6PM GMT), space is limited so if your interested you’ll want to sign up today.

And heres a few more relevant links:
The slides from the presentation
Presentation details

….. and yes I feel slightly ashamed, /. had this first, and I’m only just learning about it

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