Late Breaking News! This isn’t the only Ajax blog.

This may come as a bit of a shock to some of you, but there have been uncomfirmed reports that other people are in fact blogging about this stuff.

I ran across while I was hunting for an example I had seen earlier. It looks like its been up slightly shorter than this site, but same ballpark (theres an entry here from Shanti in February (their archives only date to march), but it wasn’t precisely a content-rich month). Though the tagline states that its Ben and Dion’s Ajax Mission (or Dion and Ben’s, depending where the image swap function is…) it looks like its been mostly Dion’s posting thus far. But even as a mostly single writer, he did have some things I hadn’t yet seen, such as Rails 0.11.1 and Tapestry*

But in short, more people writing new and interesting articles in the subject area is always good, so Welcome, or Mazel Tov, or whatever I’m supposed to say.

*I let other people do the commentary on these projects for two reasons. 1) I’m still working on learning PHP and javascript, and now munging the two together, so learning ruby might be a while for me, and 2) I hate java. Alright, hate may be a strong word, but at work, we have a bunch of static sites that are saved as .jsp and served through tomcat (and more precisely 4 instances of tomcat, with their four sets of identical files, which makes uploading content an unnecessary pain), and that, among other things, hasn’t placed learning and appreciating java really high on my things to do list.

2 Responses to Late Breaking News! This isn’t the only Ajax blog.
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  2. Mark Wilson
    March 31, 2005 | 8:01 pm

    Yup, it’s an exciting topic with a big upside.

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