Ajaxing the Rails (Loud Thinking) – Ruby on Rails adds native Ajax

Looks like Ruby on Rails is adding another trick up its sleeve: native Ajax integration. Bing Bing Bing! :)

Ajaxing the Rails

Rails 0.11.0 is out on the street and I’m especially proud of the Ajax support we’ve been able to include. Instead of trying to soften the blow of doing client-side Javascript libraries as many others are doing, we’ve gone ahead and more or less removed the need for hand-written client-side javascript entirely.

This is done by off-loading the creation of DOM elements to the server side, which returns complete constructs that are then injected live through innerHTML. While this method is slightly more verbose than just peddling data across the wire, it’s immensely easier to develop.

Read the rest of the article, it’s really cool:
Ajaxing the Rails (Loud Thinking)

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